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March 23 2017

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March 12 2017

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just in case we all forgot how insane the Cards Against Humanity people were

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March 06 2017

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February 24 2017

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Don't share!!
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February 22 2017

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Repost this if You agree.
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February 18 2017

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February 16 2017

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geht doch!
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July 08 2015

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July 06 2015

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July 05 2015

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"Ne, von der Band hab ich echt noch nie gehört."
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Pick up line fail
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Today: A lesson in German capitalisation

Die Spinnen!
= The spiders!
Die spinnen!
= They are crazy!

Er hatte liebe Genossen.
= He had kind companions.
Er hatte Liebe genossen.
= He had enjoyed love.

Sich brüsten und Anderem zuwenden.
= to gloat and turn towards other things
Sich Brüsten und Anderem zuwenden.
= to turn towards breasts and other things

Sie konnte geschickt Blasen und Glieder behandeln.
= She was adept at treating blisters and limbs.
Sie konnte geschickt blasen und Glieder behandeln.
= She was adept at giving blowjobs and handling members.

Der Gefangene floh.
= The prisoner escaped.
Der gefangene Floh.
= The imprisoned flea

Helft den armen Vögeln.
= Help the poor birds.
Helft den Armen vögeln.
= Help poor people with sex.

July 04 2015

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July 02 2015

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This guy's business card is better than yours.
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